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Narrabeen Green Fish Curry

This is a variation on a standard green thai curry, that Denise and I developed this week, and is now probably our new favourite fish curry! For the fish, we used a kingfish I’d caught a few days earlier (filleted and skinned and cut into chunks) – but any firm-fleshed fish would work well. Continue reading Narrabeen Green Fish Curry


BBQed Fish with Teriyaki Sauce

I’ve recently been catching a few¬†amberjack on the inshore reefs and cooked some up the other day with my favourite BBQ fish recipe – it was delicious! So here is the recipe which is¬†dead simple, works really well for kingfish and any other firm, white fleshed gamefish (e.g. amberjack, samson fish, dolphinfish), and allows you to keep the cooking smells out of the kitchen as it’s best done on an outdoor BBQ (I use my portable gas-fired Weber Q). Continue reading BBQed Fish with Teriyaki Sauce

Snapper Pie

So October is usually when the snapper kick into gear off Sydney (you can catch them right through winter off Sydney, but they become a more likely catch Oct/Nov). I now release snapper over 65cms if I can and try to limit my catch.

Here’s a recipe that I have found is the bomb for snapper. Whenever I cook it, people ask me for the recipe. It’s actually very simple and works well with white-fleshed fish like snapper, ling and flathead. Very rich and hearty (forget about this if you’re worried about calories – it has heaps!).

Continue reading Snapper Pie